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Things to do in Pai : Cave

     Pangmapha district is also famous for having the most caves in the county, with an estimeted one hundred caves in total. Each cave has its own individual beauty, although some are too dangerous for tourists without caving experience to visit. None of the caves have been wired electrically but local people provide lamps and offer their services as guides, taking visitors through the caves safely and securely.

Lod Cave
     Lod Cave is one of the most widely visited cave, located in Lod Cave National Park some . kms to the north of Pangmapha town and 77 kms from Mae HongSon. It's possible to reach the cave by car or motorbike. Local people wait in front of the cave to provide their services as guides with lamps. Running through the cave is a small river called Lang River. Lod Cave is also the name of the village that surrounds this cave.

Pha Puek Cave
Pha Puek Cave is located 15 kms from the main road. On the way tourists can stop to enjoy the wonderful views of mountains and Shan and Black Lahu villages.The mouth of the cave is so wide that sunlight casts its light right inside the cave.

Phi Men Cave
Phi Men Cave can be found about 10 km from the town centre by walking uphill for around 10 minutes. Inside the cave there are ancient wooden coffins. To reach Boh Phi River you can walk for about 40 minutes uphill from the village of Luk Khao Lam.

Pha Deng Cave
Pha Deng Cave can be found about 10 kms north of the Khong River. There is a 20 minutes walk from the road to reach the cave. There is a small stream that runs through this 1 km along cave that can be walked all the way from one end to the other during the dry season.

Bang Kham Cave
There is junction off the main road to Bang Kham Cave, which lies 25 kms to the north from the road. The road to Bang Kham village hugs the border of the Shan State in Burma and is very beautiful. This cave is 800 metres long but is suitable for exploration only by those experienced in caving.

Lang Nam Cave

During the rainy season the river runs very high and is not possible to visit this cave . However, you can visit during the dry or the winter season.

Su Sa Cave
There is still no road leading up to Su Sa Cave, which means you have to walk for 3 -4 hours to reach the cave. The cave is situated in what is still unspoiled jungle, and in the area there are more then 20 waterfalls. There is a large stream running through the cave. The cave is 800 metres long and inside there is an underground waterfall.




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